During a session like this you will receive a heart attunement from a Reiki master and be able to experience Reiki flowing through your hands. You will essentially be tuned into the universal Reiki energy. It will be a temporary attunement. You can then experience the joy of receiving and giving Reiki treatments with other participants. Receiving Reiki from many people at once is a very interesting experience and also a more quick form of feeling the effects of Reiki in a very short time. However, it must be noted that this will only give you a brief sense of what Reiki can do for you. You would need at least a one-hour treatment from a trained practitioner to be able to experience the deep healing that Reiki can provide.  

Join a Reiki Share

The next Reiki share will be on the 15th of July at 10.30am 2019. The August Reiki share will be on the 7th of August 10.30am. Please register for the share. There will be an energy exchange of $15 for the share.

Contact me for details.